Ponds in Songea Tanzania

Travel guide to Tanzania

Travel Tanzania and explore its rich wild life safari parks. A popular country amongst all adventure lovers, Tanzania is the country that brings you close to the serene beauty of wild Africa. However, the country is most popular for its Safari parks, which are undoubtedly best in whole world.

Tanzania is situated in south of Kenya, full of natural splendor. As a result of this reason, there are many such destinations that you should visit when you travel Tanzania. Here are some details of these travel destinations that need to be visited during your Tanzania holidays.


Tanzania is the perfect place to visit for its huge savannahs, mountain peaks, wildlife, modern cities and tribal life. Each of these attractions makes the country a fascination for anyone who comes here. Tanzania represents the most impressive National Parks and game reserves in all of Africa. Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest peak.

Undoubtedly, the most popular reason to travel Tanzania is the Tanzanian wildlife safari. The Serengeti National Park is the most visited place in Tanzania’s tourist destinations. The park is home to huge variety of animals. Going on safari is the great attraction of the Tanzania tourism. As a result, you will come across several holiday packages that will bring you closer to Tanzania.

Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in the whole world covering the surface of 68800km squared. The lake is not only beautiful and a fantastic host to plant life and wildlife, but you can also have a trip of the lake on a boat.

Another attraction of Tanzania is the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a tropical island and is a great place to relax after an exciting week on safari. It is mostly made of coastal regions and paradise white sand beaches, clear Indian Ocean waters and the swaying palm trees.
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