Namibe desert Angola

Travel to Namibia

Namibia is one of the recently formed African nations. It is sandwiched between the South Atlantic and the Kalahari Desert. Rugged mountains with colonial towns and historic cities, amongst deserts and wild coastline all is fused in this country. Travel Namibia to get some breathtaking scenery that is every photographer’s wishful dream.

Namibe desert, Angola
Namibe desert, Angola

The Namibia is known as the ‘land of open spaces’ due to the expansive deserts and plains. Wildlife of free horses and some gigantic elephant move around the northern plains of Namib Desert, vast red sand dunes adorned by some rare trees can be seen.

Fish River Canyon is a unique colossal destination. Sossusvlei dunes appear painted especially during dawn to be a spectator of mind boggling beauty of nature. Desert camp at this place can be set up to see Dead Vlei and the scenery of Africa.

Etosha Pan, depression or crater in the centre of Etosha National Park is a wildlife spot where oryx, elephants, impala and rhino come for a drink. Namb Naukluft National Park is home to gemsbok and hyena. Mountainous regions have lush greenery and wonderful waterfalls where you can see herds of small animals grazing. Cape Cross is mostly isolated but well known for the cape fur seal colonies located at Walvis Bay.

Tribal style paintings and engravings at Twyfelfontein and Brandberg are worth a visit. The white lady of Brandberf is well known among the other fascinating work of art. West and East Caprivi are popular sightseeing spots with flowing rivers and safari activities for adventure.

Nightlife is lively with jazz bars, cinemas, bars, restaurants, cafes, night clubs and theatres. Windhoek Karnival and Oktoberfest are famous public celebration events to see as you travel Namibia. German touch in the food, restaurants and the eateries of Namibia can be noticed distinctly. Perfect and unique holiday can be enjoyed here in Namibian country.


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