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Travelogue for a trip to Gabon

The African nation of Republic of Gabon is full of adventure, wildlife and scenic beauty for a perfect holiday. Travel Gabon to explore this land with vibrant tribal culture, white beaches along the Atlantic, its untamed flora and fauna.

Libreville is the capital of this nation located near the ocean; its cosmopolitan vibe and charming, lively people will win your heart. National Museum has indigenous exhibitions of handicrafts, woodworks and Fang style carvings. Presidential Palace is spectacular work of architecture with Greek and Italian marble. Basilica of St Michael is a marvelous structure with its unique art work and craftsmanship of blind Gabonese workers.


Locals belong to the Bantu tribe and they have inhabited regions close to the rivers. Lambarene, Oyem, Mouila, Port Gentil and Franceville are some important cities of this country. Port Hawkesbury set on an island along the Ogooue River is wonderful for sailing, fishing, canoeing or playing golf. Ekwata, Sette Cama, Mayumba beaches and Pointe Denis are famous for turquoise waters and pristine scenery.

Go take a jungle safari at Lope Okanda Reserve to watch panthers, parrots, gorillas, elephants and maybe hippos near marshes and lakes. Loango National Park and the Ivindo National Park are eco camps to conserve the rich wildlife of Africa. Trekking around the woodlands near Bateke plateau to see these animals in their natural habitat will be a treat for any nature lover.

M’Bigou and Eteke village are prominent for handicrafts and many gold mines to visit. Shopping at Nkembo, Akebe-Plaine and Mon-Bouet markets for stone carvings, handicrafts, pottery items, musical instruments and figurines can be interesting.

Nightclubs and bars playing music in the capital are all full of life. Restaurants and hotels in Gabon offer leisurely stay and sumptuous meals in continental and French style. Delicious Gabonese food along with Congolese, European, Cameroonian and Senegalese cuisines are also available. Travel Gabon for a rejuvenating getaway from the stressful daily life and a perfect holiday.
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