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UK travel industry needs a travel consumer group

I’ve highlighted my fair share of travel consumer issues and in the background I have helped a lot of consumers resolve their complaints with companies. I receive 30-50 emails a week from consumers asking for advice and that’s from a one-man run blog that reaches out to only 2,000 people daily.


UK travel industry needs a travel consumer group

Big issues that need resolving

There are some huge issues like the complexity of holiday protection and increase in air passenger duty and I wonder if these types of issues could be fought with more weight behind, if the industry and consumers came together.

Creation of an authority group on travel

What about a group made up of a mixture of consumers, industry people from tour ops, independent agents, travel media, and PR etc? Am I being realistic here? I do wonder if my head is in the clouds, when I get ideas like this hit me.

Would the government and travel associations sit down with such a group and discuss issues.

So much confusion in travel

There is so much confusion about what is a package and DIY holiday nowadays, especially when travel agents are selling both. I know by the emails that I receive that booking a holiday is no longer as simplistic as it used to be.

Your thoughts appreciated

I am not suggesting that the group discusses every single issue that consumers have; I also know a lot of the issues are down to government changes. I read a lot of news feeds that tell me that companies want to simplify protection and abolish air passenger duty, but how serious are they, or is just PR talk.

So, I thought I would open this up to consumers and the industry folk to discuss.

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