Venice Italy Vacation Rentals

Venice holiday villas bring an opportunity like no other in the world to visit the city of canal, waterway streets for shopping, eating, and living.

The classical Renaissance Italian architecture near Venice vacation rentals accommodation surrounds you in history, art, and romance. A short commute from your vacation rental Venice is the Museo del Settecento Veneziano, the baroque style mansion where famed poet Robert Browning lived until his death, now houses the worlds most extensive collection of fresco paintings. This twist of history and art is not an exception in Venice. Many vacation rentals Venice are placed around such exquisite entanglements and connections. Several vacation home Venice are local to religious monuments unsurpassed in the world.

Venice Italy
Venice Italy

Close to your Venice vacation home stands St Mark’s Basilica. Worth the trip from your vacation rental home Venice, the intertwined history of religion and war mix in this dynamic display of treasures that bespeak the value of Venice as a center for bygone days of Vatican control. Displaying the Tesoro from the plunder of Constantinople, visitors from Venice vacation rental homes are treated to a rare opportunity to glimpse a throne from the crown at the crucifixion of Christ. So many more attraction call for your time while visiting your vacation holiday home in Venice. While you are at your Venice vacation holiday home, be sure to markets for shopping and the restaurants for authentic Italian food and wine. By the time you leave your Venice vacation home, you will be able to become accustomed to being surrounded by streets of water and hailing a gondola will be as second nature as hailing a cab.

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