Viennese Vino

Vienna – 5 Things to Do in this Incredible City

Vienna is the capital of Austria, and it lies in the East of the country. Vienna is famous for artists and intellectuals that it has produced over the years, including names like Mozart and Beethoven. When you visit this artistic city, be sure to take this travel guide with you.


Take your Hat off to the city’s favorite film

Starting with our list of things to do in Vienna is a necessary tribute to a legendary film. The “Third Man Pirate Collection” houses one aficionado’s detailed collection of ‘third man’ marginalia and documentation on the aftermath of the dreadful war in Vienna.

Third Man Museum Austria

The lobby cards, posters and star portraits from around the world archives the movies’ marketing and its memorable rogues’ gallery of secondaries. Also up for show are one of Anton Karass ‘original zithers and hear the haunting theme tune. Also available for play are spin off’s  such as board games, clocks, and lighters.

The new section of the museum

A new section offering mind-boggling insights into the life in post-world War II Vienna under the four-power occupation. Visitors also get another visual treat they get to see an excerpt from the film on a 1936 German Ernemann VIIb 35mm projector, that was the model in use when post-war Viennese audiences trembled through the première in 1949.

 Take a course to the open-air food market

The Largest open air food market in Vienna, the Naschmarkt, It is open from Monday to Saturday. Admire the stalls ‘delights from buckets of tulips to pickles, wines, and plump, purple flushed figs, stopping for breakfast at’ Do-An’ or ‘Tewa’.

Naschmarkt vienna

On Saturdays, it’s worth getting here at 7 am or earlier to bag a discount at the flea market, located beside Kettenbrückengasse U-Bahn station.Right next to the market, Look for the enchanting Otto Wagner houses at nos.38 and 40 – the second house is decorated with tiles embossed with vines and flowers.

Witness Vienna’s arty trinity

The museums quartier is a lovely place to pay a visit. It’s a great place for lounging, people-watching, some art appreciation. Before you, now are standing three artistic colossuses: the white limestone cube of The Leopold Museum , the in vogue delights of Kunsthalle Wien, occupying the old winter riding hall, and The Black Basalt Museum of Modern Art, MUMOK.

Leopold vienna
Leopold Vienna

If you’re tired and low on energy, take a trip to the’ Leopold’ it houses the world’s largest collection of Egon Schiele’s work, and its famous glass-walled café.

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Take a walk through a musical Park

The largest amongst the Ringstrasse parks, the Stadtpark, covers the area from the east of Schwarzenberg Platz to Stubentor, either side of the Wein River. Situated right next to Otto Wagner’s Stadtpark U-Bahn station, the main entrance to the park is bordered by marvelous stone carved Jugendstil colonnades.


To the north of the park lies the most emblematic building, the neo-renaissance Kursalon, Avenue for rather tacky Strauss concerts. The general theme here is music most of the tourists head for the schmaltzy but nonetheless finely executed the gilt statue of Johann Strauss.

statue of Johann Strauss
statue of Johann Strauss

Spread across the park you’ll also observe busts of Schubert, Bruckner, and Lehar (he of “The Merry Widow.’

Get wind of the Viennese Vino

Vienna is the world’s largest wine-growing capital city; an area of approximately 7 square kilometers is covered with vineyards within the city limits.The widest spread area is situated on the northern fringe present in districts 16-19, but the superior quality vines are at the Danube in the 21st district of the city.

Viennese Vino

On moist summer evenings, join the Viennese for an exotic evening in a Heuriger, one of the numbers of rustic wine taverns stippled among the vineyards that skirt the Vienna woods.

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