Vote for the world’s worst public transport system

I often rant about my bus journey to and from work; the buses are rarely on time, the cost is increasing. Last week I travelled down to London, to find that the underground was pretty much closed off. I realise the bank holiday will be quieter but its still a popular time for tourists and locals to visit the city.


Vote for the worlds worst public transport system

How save money on UK trains

It takes me an hour to get home from work, on a journey, which, should not take no more than 20 minutes. My advice when booking train travel in the UK is book well in advance, don’t travel at peak times, and purchase two single tickets rather than a return, you will save a lot of money.

Your worst experience using public transport

When you compare the public transport systems in the UK, the service is very poor and expensive, compared to even countries like Malaysia. Last week I travelled on the New York subway, it was cheap, costing $8 for an unlimited day ticket, and reliable.

So my vote goes to the UK for worst public transport system. What about you?

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