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Warm day

Started walking at 8 in the morning. Walked more or less non-stop. I sat down only once, at a small shop to eat some peanuts and drink. It was warmer than usual, and no wind.

warm day
warm day

There are some aches and pains in this travel stained body now, but none that seem to stay. Today my knees asked me to slow down the pace a bit, which I did. When I hit 40 kilometres, I was still feeling OK so I went on for another hour.

Towards the end of today’s walk I passed a beautiful agricultural area. The sun was setting in the direction I was walking. The fields had hundreds of Van Gogh-like stacks of sunflower stems placed together to dry. There was a fine sprinkle of snow covering the landscape. It made for a beautiful and serene view.

I pulled out my camera, and started taking pictures. This went fine for a while, but then I got a ‘Re-insert memory card’ error message. Have received quite a few of them lately, and it is worrying me. I just hope pictures I have already taken won’t be damaged or deleted. Not sure why this is happening. It happens on both memory cards, which seems to indicate it has to do with the camera unfortunately. Not much I can do with the camera to solve the problem at this point.

I might buy a third small memory card in Shenyang to reduce the risk of losing pictures on the last stretch coming up.

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