We have a winner on the road to empowerment…

In last week’s great guest blog post by Liz Jansen, author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, was a free ebook offer by drawing from the people who commented on the book, and Deborah Hymes won. Congratulations Deborah!
Coincidentially, I know Deborah aka her smart and funny Writer Vixen blog. In fact, she attended one of my Self-Publishing Boot Camps last year and was a pleasure to have in the seminar. Deborah wasted not time downloading and reading the book, and she offers her comments here:


Deb in BW – 138KHi Carla, I’m so excited that I won this book. I’m embarking on several new adventures at the moment, and although none of them involve an actual motorcycle, the spirit of taking to the road suffuses my life right now. I immediately found inspiration and a kindred spirit in “Getting Past Go”:

“I was heading into the unknown . . . and had a whole blank slate in front of me, waiting for me to write the script. I . . . ultimately would have to let go of behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that not only no longer served me, but also hindered my progress. The trick would be to recognize fears that were creating resistance, identify self-limiting beliefs and destroy them one by one, rather than let them continue to hold me away from who I was.” [Jansen, Liz (2011-12-01). Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment (p. 80). . Kindle Edition.]

I am revved up! Thank you so much. 😉

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