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What To Pack: All The Essentials

Packing for a holiday shouldn’t be the same as packing to move house. No-one enjoys the ‘surprise’ of extra baggage charges at the airport. Dodge the money-makers and learn how to pack light. Write yourself a list of essential items a couple of weeks before departure, or download one.

What To Pack
What To Pack

There are some very clever people (like us!) on the Internet who have made up some ready to print lists of essential holiday items to pop in your case. Use our checklist and breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that whatever you may forget, you’ll have all the most important items.

First of all, before you even get the suitcases out of storage, perform our simple pre-holiday check list:

Passports: Check that they are in date and you know where they are! Take
a photocopy of the page with your photo and passport number on in case you
mislay it or have it stolen.

british passport
british passport

Rent a car: It’s always nice to be able to reach your destination and be
able to explore it how and whenever you’d like. So, make a car hire booking
before you leave from an online car hire company such as – doing so takes next to no time at all, and it’ll ensure that as soon as you touch down, you’re free to do whatever you like without having to worry about taxi fares
and bus rides. Check what documents your car hire provider needs from you
(drivers licence etc) and make a note of your reservation number before you
leave, to ensure a smooth transition.

Rent a car
Rent a car

Give a relative or friend details of where you are staying: We all want to forgetabout home when we go on holiday, but it’s good to know that if you’re needed in an emergency, someone knows how to get hold of you.

Arrange for someone to feed your pet: Don’t leave this to the
last minute, arrange this is advance with someone you trust and go over care
instructions with them so you can go on holiday knowing your furry friend will
be looked after.

If you take prescription medication: Check that you
have enough to take on holiday and cover you for a few days after your return.

In the case: Don’t put valuables in your suitcase. Put these in
your hand luggage along with painkillers, lip balm, snacks, moisturiser, reading material and anything else you’ll need on the flight. Keep house keys, passports, tickets, money and credit cards in a separate compartment in your luggage so you don’t risk them falling out when rummaging for your magazine.

Electrical items such as hairdryer, hair straighteners,
electrical adapter for the country you are visiting (checking voltage) and
chargers for mobile phones or camera battery.

Electrical items
Electrical items

Clothing and Shoes are obvious essentials but can be the
main cause of over packing. If you are travelling to a hot climate, you can
leave the sweaters at home. Make cleaver choices, a pashmina makes a great
blanket for the plane, shawl for cooler evenings and can roll up into a pillow
for sunbathing. If your holiday accommodation has clothes washing facilities,
this reduces the need for bulk even further.
Toiletries in travel sizes. Save samples from magazines or chemists or pour your
favorite products into empty sample size bottles.

Clothing and Shoes
Clothing and Shoes

On the day: Remember these handy hints!

– Dispose of any perishable items in your fridge.

– Unplug electrical appliances (except the fridge and freezer).

– Turn your thermostat down.

– Double check you have all of your travel documents.

– Close any curtains /blinds.

– Lock windows as well as doors.

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